Best MLM UK Opportunity


The current best MLM UK opportunity, the Empower Network, leaves traditional offline UK Multi Level Marketing companies lying in its wake.

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I come from a background in internet marketing/affiliate marketing and am therefore not that knowledgeable on how traditional MLM UK and UK Network Marketing companies operate in the offline world.

But it seems that the Empower Network has combined the traditional MLM Marketing approach with two-tiered internet based affiliate marketing to bring a unique online money making system to the web.

Empower Network is a viral blogging system where users are encouraged to post daily blog posts and to market these posts on the internet.

For me, that marketing involves using SEO to rank the posts highly on Google (thus how you came across this post!).

And then when people land on the post and click on the banners on the website, they opt-in to view the sales video and thus you capture their email address as a lead.

You then get to follow up on these leads in your email based autoresponder system.

So instead of going out in the real world, meeting people in person and trying to “recruit” them, you adopt an internet marketing approach of providing valuable content on your blog, marketing that content, and then making sales via the already in-place Empower Network sales funnel.

This approach is likely to be a bit confusing for traditional UK MLM Marketers, and the sight of Mr. David Wood on the header on the beach with no t-shirt is likely to strike traditional network marketers and multi level marketers as “unprofessional”.

But that is the beauty of the internet: you get to do business in your pyjamas or on a beach. The exposure you get is worldwide and the potential for an exponentially increasing monthly residual income is great.

So if you were just browsing them web looking to find out what the best MLM UK business opportunity is at this current moment in time is…you might want to check out what Empower Network has to offer you first.

Just click one of the banners to see the video…see you soon.

Network Marketing UK Opportunity


Network Marketing UK opportunity, the Empower Network, is changing the face of network marketing by adopting a viral blogging approach to business.

So instead of having to hunt around for UK Network Marketing opportunities or trawling through lists of Network Marketing Companies in the UK, you can get going with the Empower Network for a reach much further beyond your local rea.

The Empower Network viral blogging system is a mash-up of network marketing, MLM marketing, and affiliate marketing.

>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE TO SEE ME EXPLAIN HOW EMPOWER NETWORK WORKS ON VIDEO <<<<<<<<<<< (opens in a new window)

It is likely to be much more reliable than trying to find a legit Network Marketing UK based company that adopts a more “offline” approach.

The reason being, that you cannot promote the Empower Network Product (quality training on how to make money from blogging) unless you are a paying member of the system yourself.

So no-one is going to be recommending the Empower Network to you unless they are themselves paying for the product and getting value from it.

It is also very much a LOW RISK strategy.

This is because the entry cost is only $25 (around $15) per month.

When you sign-up just one person, you earn $25 (£15) a month and thus get the system for free.

Then when the people you sign-up go on to make sales, you get some of these commissions (1 in 5) passed up to yourself.

So even if you do not make much money with the Empower Network (although you probably will) then you are very unlikely to make a loss as long as you make at least one referal.

With TEAM ADAM, getting that first referall is likely to be a whole lot easier because as part of a bonus of joining my team, I will provide you with backlinks to help your articles rank highly on Google for certain keywords.

I also have free press release submissions that I can do for you using my premium subscription with an service for more exposure for your Empower Network blog.

So stop hunting around for UK Network Marketing opportunities or Network Marketing Companies in the UK…get involved in the Empower Network viral blogging system for exponentially monthly referring commissions.


See you on the other side….


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Skype: adamj2_writing


How To Make Easy Money Online


How to make easy money online? A list of EASY money making ideas to get you started…

Many people what to know how to make easy money online

But there is no such thing as easy money online!

After 1 year of trial and error, things are only just starting to happen for me online.

There might not be an ultra-easy way to earn money online, but you can work smart to make earning money online as easy as possible!

Before we get started, CLICK HERE TO SEE THE EMPOWER NETWORK VIDEO about how to make easy money from your own turnkey blog.

>>>> How To Make Easy Money Online – The List…

Writing Articles

This is one of the easiest ways toget started with your online money making adventure.

You do not have to be a great writer to make solid money online. You just need to have to write in grammatically correct English.

Many websites do not need works of art…they just want something written around a set of keywords that they can rank highly on Google for those keywords.

A good place to start would be where a good writer will find no shortage of work. It is not a long term solution, but is good way of getting quick and easy money when you need it.

Selling Stuff On Ebay

Selling items on eBay is relatively easy and you get immediate access to a wide range of customers.

You can start off by selling your old books and DVDs for some quick cash.

And then perhaps look into purchasing items with the intention to resell for a profit.

Buying broken laptops, fixing them up and selling them at a higher price is a nice money spinner for the technically inclined.

Things like children’s toys also do well. You could by a big second hand collection for a cheap price, and then sell each toy at an individual price to make a higher overall profit…

Promoting Clickbank Products

Clickbank is the easier way to get started as an affiliate marketer.

They have a wide range of digital products that you can choose to promote in exchange for a commission (usually around 50 % to 75%).

Anyone can join and there is no application process.

Then you can just create your own WordPress Blog based around that specific product.

A good idea is to create a mini review site for the product, giving an honest opinion with pros and cons of the product.

Then if people click on your affiliate link and go on to make a sale then you will be credited with the referall and will get a commission in return.

Setting up a blog and getting that blog ranked highly on Google for product keywords can be a challenging task, however.

I therefore recommend that you check out the Empower Network System (just click on the banners on this page) as they give you your own blog.

With Empower Network you just post a daily blog post and all the graphics and design and selling is taken care of for you. It is also much easier to rank these blog posts that if you were to try and establish authority of your own website from scratch.

Selling Your Own Products

How can you make easy money online by selling your own products?

Well, to get to this stage is not easy.

But once you are at this stage, then you can make easy money online…

The idea is to create your own informational product in the form of an eBook or video series that people can download.

You can teach people about something that you are an expert it. Such as fishing, bodybuilding, dog training, business strategies etc.

If you are not an expert in anything then you can interview an expert and package it into a product to sell yourself.

Then when you have your own product you can get other people to promote it for you.

You will no longer have to worry about generating any traffic yourself as experienced affiliates can take care of that on your behalf.

You need to convince affiliates to promote your product by making sure it is of the highest quality, that it converts well, and that it pays out a high commission.

If you can get experienced affiliate marketers on board to promote one of your digital products then the question How Can I Make Easy Money Online will surely be answered for you!


Empower Network MLM Marketing System empowers you to build an online business…while having a life.

The Empower Network MLM Marketing System consists of 4 main points:

  1. 100% commissions
  2. Monthly recurring commissions
  3. Two-Tiered Commissions
  4. Your own turnkey blog

Right, let’s break these points down:

>> 100% Commissions – With the Empower Network MLM Marketing online system, you don’t get a pathetic 5% or 20% or even 75% commissions for each sale your refer.

You get 100% commissions deposited directly into your bank account.

So how do the product owners (David Wood and David Sharpe) make money?

What is in it for them?

Basically, they have the potential to make sales on the “back-end” and they collect the email addresses of referrals for future promotions.

But they are primarily interested in empowering regular folk to make life changing sums of money with this MLM Marketing Plan.

>> Monthly Income – You do not have to keep on making one-off sales and attracting new customers.

With this MLM Marketing system you get the commission paid into your bank account each and every month.

Over the course of a year, each referral is therefore worth 12 x the amount of a normal affiliate one-off sale.

>> Two-Tiered Commissions – The money making potential with this MLM Marketing online plan does not stop with your direct referrals.

The 2nd, 4th, 6th, 11th and then one in every five commissions that your referrals make are passed up to you as the “sponsor”.

So if one of the people that you sign-up goes crazy with making their own sales…you are in for some nice 2nd tier commissions!

>> Your Own Turnkey Blog – This MLM Marketing plan provides you with your own turnkey blog…like this one.

You do not have to worry about graphics, website design, squeeze pages, sales pages, business proposals etc.

This is all provided for you. All you have to do is write blog posts and get traffic to those blog posts.

Then when visitors click on the banners and enter their email address into the squeeze page they are in the Empower Network sales funnel which takes care of the rest.

To get traffic to your blog you need to do 2 things:

  1. Research Keywords of low competition
  2. Send backlinks to your post

You want keywords with at least 1,000 monthly exact searches according to the Google External Keyword Tool.

Then pop this keyword into Traffic Travis and if it comes up with “Relatively Easy” or “Medium Difficulty” competition then you are good to go.

Send a load of backlinks to your posts and they should rank highly on Google due to the authority of the Empower Network MLM Marketing System website…and let the good times roll!

It really is one of the greatest network marketing opportunities out there today…

Network Marketing Opportunities


Empower Network Marketing Opportunities…to change your life from the comfort of your own home.

Network Marketing Opportunities have never been so good after the introduction of the Empower Network viral blogging system.

Let’s have a look at how it works and how it will change your life…

Empower Network is different to most other network marketing opportunities.

You do not have to recruit friends and family out of desperation. 

You do not have to put signs in your windows, plaques in your garden, or stickers on your car.

You do not make measly 5% commissions. 

With the Empower Network marketing opportunity, you do get your own Empower Network blog (like this one)…

You post a daily blog post and get traffic to that blog post by ranking it highly on Google (the training provided will help you do this). 

Then when someone visits your blog and clicks on the banners on the page and sign-up to the system, you get 100% commissions for that.

That 100% commission is paid into your bank account each and every month. 

That 100% commission is a recurring passive income.

Another unique aspect of Empower Network is the TWO TIERED STRUCTURE 

If the people that you sign-up to the Empower Network go onto make referrals themselves, then some of those commissions will pass back up to yourself.

You do not only profit from your own referrals with this network marketing opportunity. You profit from your referrals referrals as well! 

The best way to profit from this system is to pick a keyword to write each blog post around and make sure you get that blog post ranked on the front page of Google (we will show you how to do this “on the other side”).

Then as the days go on you will have more and more Google Page #1 posts getting traffic to your blog, which means more people clicking the banners and signing up to the system. 

So with the 2-tiered commissions and the daily increase in traffic with each blog post, you can really see how this is an exponentially increasing network marketing opportunity.

With the powerful network marketing opportunities on offer at Empower Network you will make money and you will be able to enhance your finances and all round quality of life.

As the slogan goes….don’t be a wussy….get in. 

See you on the other side… 

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